Realtime Privacy Monitoring on Smartphones

TaintDroid Demo

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This video shows TaintDroid running on a Nexus One phone. It demonstrates that our TaintDroid system accurately tracks when privacy sensitive information is used by applications and notifies the user when the sensitive information leaves the phone.

The demo uses an Android wallpaper application that was reviewed by Google after a report stated that the app was a security threat that disclosed users' phone numbers and subscriber ID numbers. We do not mean to suggest that this particular app is in fact a threat; we simply chose this application to demonstrate the tracking capability of the TaintDroid system.

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Acknowledgements and sponsors

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-0905447, CNS-0721579 and CNS-0643907. Landon Cox and Peter Gilbert's participation was partially supported by NSF CAREER award CNS-0747283 and NSF Grant No. CNS-0910653.